Phone a Compassionate Friend

IMG 3135TCF NSW Council is very aware that some bereaved family members are not able to visit a group, or have personal contact with our team. They may find the prospect intimidating, or it may not be geographically possible.

To help with this situation, TCF NSW has established a "PHONE A COMPASSIONATE FRIEND" facility. Bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents are welcome to call one of the people below, just to have a chat with someone who understands your grief.

We have listed those that can help with a special support type and areas the compassionate phone friends live in, so that you may find someone who may live close by, but basically all of them are there to listen to you.

 Contact Name Location / Support Type Contact Number
 Cathryn Blue Mountains 4739 8209
Lorraine Far North NSW 6672 3219
Liz Central Coast 0424 470 029
Marlay Walcha / Male Grief 6777 7533
Lana City North 9858 1571
Rhonda Wee Waa 6795 5186